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Ofsted Inspection Report: 2015

  Olney Nursery   



  Olney Church Hall, High Street, Olney, Buckinghamshire, MK46 4AA 





Inspection date

Previous inspection date

 21 May 2015

  21 November 2011   



The quality and standards of the early years provision

This inspection:



Previous inspection:




How well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend



The contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children



The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early years provision





The setting meets legal requirements for early years settings 



Summary of key findings for parents


  This provision is      good          





 Staff provide a range of stimulating activities that challenge children's development across all areas of learning. Therefore, all children are making good progress towards the early learning goals in readiness for school.




 Key persons are highly skilled and sensitive and help children to form exceptionally strong emotional attachments with staff and to feel very secure within the nursery. The children also demonstrate high levels of consideration for each other.




 Children are effectively safeguarded because staff have had suitable checks completed and have a good understanding of their roles in keeping children safe from harm.




 The management team has a clear vision for further improvements, and action plans are in place. Managers encourage staff's professional development through training, observations of practice and role modelling, which demonstrates high aspirations and a drive towards quality.




  It is not yet outstanding because:   





 Staff do not always ensure that children have sufficient resources to hand to encourage them to investigate mathematical concepts, such as weight and length, in their everyday activities.









What the setting needs to do to improve further




To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:  



 provide further resources to give children opportunities to explore length, weight and capacity during their daily play.




Inspection activities



 The inspector observed staff and children interacting during a range of activities.




 The inspector had discussions with staff and looked at a sample of children's development files.




 The inspector spoke to parents and looked at a range of documents, including evidence of staff's suitability to work with children and a sample of records.




 The inspector and the manager carried out a joint observation.





  Maxine Coulson 



Inspection findings


How well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend. This is good   


Children are very happy and enthusiastic learners. They are eager to be involved in activities and explore their environment. They benefit from positive interactions with staff, who accurately plan for the next steps in their learning and development. As a result, children make good progress in their learning, given their starting points. They are motivated to learn as they freely help themselves to the wide selection of resources available to them. However, resources for children, particularly older children, to explore through weights and measures are not always displayed in a way that encourage them to do so. Children are very confident with their physical abilities and have great fun as they clamber up and down slides, and bounce enthusiastically on the trampoline. Children enjoy playing in the well-equipped home corner; they pretend to make drinks and food, offering them to their friends. This helps to develop their imaginations and social skills.



The contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children is outstanding   


Children's emotional well-being is extremely well supported. They share very positive relationships with the highly skilled staff. Settling-in procedures are highly effective as new children settle very quickly and happily into their new environment. Staff are excellent role models and play alongside children to teach them how to share and take turns. Consequently, children quickly develop new friendships, learn to understand acceptable behaviour and behave extremely well. Children demonstrate high levels of confidence and motivation as they are consistently praised by staff for their achievements. Staff teach children the importance of adopting good hygiene routines. Children explain that they 'need to remove germs because they go in their tummies and make them poorly'.





The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early years provision is good   


The manager and staff team have a very secure knowledge of the learning and development requirements. The well-qualified and experienced staff team plan interesting activities that promote children's learning. Children's development is monitored well and the manager and staff ensure any gaps in children's learning are quickly identified. The owner/manager is keen to support all staff to attend training and further develop their knowledge in early years. This has had a significant impact on the overall quality of teaching and learning. Staff have a very good understanding of how to safeguard children and effectively complete risk assessments in the environment. A well-organised range of policies and procedures supports children's health, safety and well-being. Recruitment practices are robust and suitability checks are undertaken to ensure a safe environment for children.




Setting details

Unique reference number


Local authority

Milton Keynes

Inspection number


Type of provision

    Sessional provision    

Registration category

Childcare - Non-Domestic

Age range of children

0 - 8

Total number of places


Number of children on roll


Name of provider

  Sara Lou Knightbridge 

Date of previous inspection

  21 November 2011 

Telephone number

  01604 620 781 


Olney Nursery opened in 1996 and is privately owned. It operates in the market town of Olney, Buckinghamshire. The nursery is open each weekday, from 9am until 12.15pm, term time only. The nursery receives funding for the provision of free education to children aged three and four years. There are four members of staff, of whom one holds Qualified Teacher Status and three hold appropriate early years qualifications at level 3.





This inspection was carried out by Ofsted under sections 49 and 50 of the Childcare Act 2006 on the quality and standards of provision that is registered on the Early Years Register.  The registered person must ensure that this provision complies with the statutory framework for children’s learning, development and care, known as the Early Years Foundation Stage.



Any complaints about the inspection or the report should be made following the procedures set out in the guidance ‘Complaints procedure: raising concerns and making complaints about Ofsted’, which is available from Ofsted’s website: www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ofsted. If you would like Ofsted to send you a copy of the guidance, please telephone 0300 123 4234, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..