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We have been having lots of fun looking at mini beasts this term at Olney Nursery. The children were fascinated as our tadpoles developed into tiny hopping frogs. Watching insects in our outside area and collecting snails during our nature walks, offered the children the opportunity to observe a variety of mini beasts in their natural habitats. Due to the warm weather and despite the childrens best efforts, digging for worms proved more difficult; but was quickly resolved after a trip to a fishing bait shop. The children enjoyed finding suitable resources to make their own wormaries to take home. ‘The     Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story was a lovely starting point for understanding the life cycle of butterflies, which also gave us lots of learning opportunities across the whole curriculum. As the summer term comes to an end the childrens earlier planting skills are being richly rewarded. Not only have the fruit, flowers and vegetables attracted lots of bugs, but we have the added bonus of fresh Nursery grown strawberries, peas and tomatoes at snack time.