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Curriculum activities

Olney Nursery is well equipped and thoughtfully planned to create an atmosphere which is bright and stimulating and will excite young minds.

With growing confidence our children become engrossed in the adventure of learning as our experienced staff and key worker system guide them through the Foundation Stage. All nurseries are required to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which sets standards for learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. Your child is unique - you know that! - and we use the EYFS framework to take every child's unique qualities into account when planning their day.

Olney Nursery provides a balance of child-initiated and adult-led planned learning activities throughout our morning session. However we also offer specific taught activities which are focused purely for your child and their learning needs. The children enjoy working on a one to one basis and ensuring that their progress is rapid.

All the children at Olney Nursery complete direct teaching activities in their workbooks which the children enjoy sharing with their parents. As the children progress with their letter recognition skills we introduce our reading scheme. The children love to take their Biff and Chip books home to share their achievements with their family

Children learn by leading their own play and by taking part in structured activities guided and taught by the staff at Olney Nursery.

The staff members at Olney Nursery are always available to discuss your child's progress and each term we hold more formal parent meetings.